Pastor's Welcome Message

Welcome to First United Methodist Church of Florence

Welcome to First United Methodist Church of Florence, an historic congregation with a great modern ministry in the middle of a beautiful city.

Our church was started in a log cabin in 1822 and has been known for its caring and faithful ministry throughout the intervening years. Now we are a church busy every day with activities, ministries, and alive worship.

First United Methodist Church of Florence has grown in numbers of people over the years but it has stayed a very close and supportive fellowship.  People are serving in ministries and missions to people outside the walls of the church and are very loving and supportive of the needs of our loved ones inside the congregation.

Missions include a meal to people in need every Sunday at the “Shepherd’s Table.” Our congregation ministers to thousands with free meals during Thanksgiving and Christmas, actively supports relief and aid in the Shoals area and minister to people in countries around the world.

Ministries to children and youth are important and rich places of growth and adult ministries are central to the life of the congregation.

My personal favorite story in the bible is the Parable of the Sower. In that parable, some of the seeds which are planted are in fertile ground. They sprout, grow, and yield a harvest. This has always been my unofficial mission statement for ministry in the church: that we will be fertile ground for people to flourish and bear fruit of the Spirit of love, joy, and peace.

I hope if you are searching for an alive and vital local church you will enjoy our church and that you and your family will be nourished for spiritual growth.

Rev. Robert Sparkman