Mission Work Abroad

Rebecca’s Table is a mission within the mission in Roatan Honduras. It was begun by members of FUMC and is almost completely supported by donations from the congregation. Through this ministry over 150 children in the Oak Ridge area of Roatan are provided a meal three times per week. Mission teams from FUMC have helped build and maintain this vital service for almost a decade as well as providing medical and optical care services to the people in Roatan during periodic group trips to the region.

Camp Wesley is in the eastern European nation of Latvia, an area in which Christians were persecuted for their faith for decades following World War II. This youth camp helps bring the gospel of Jesus Christ back to this part of the world. FUMC youth mission trips have been taken to Latvia for the last eight years and plans are in progress for adult mission trips to serve the people of Latvia as well.

FUMC currently maintains covenant support for two foreign missionaries. Rhett Thompson is a missionary to Panama and Jonathan Killen to Paraguay. Individual members of the congregation also support many other missionaries to both foreign and domestic service areas.