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Amplify Media

FUMC Florence now has access to Amplify! Amplify is a multimedia platform that features thousands of videos you can use for study, reflection, worship and inspiration. Amplify has videos that can be used in your small groups, Bible studies and, of course, in your own personal faith journey. You can access all of these videos anytime and on almost any device.


To access Amplify here on our website, click the purple box and log in with code TRWGMF.




















Here's how to access your Amplify account on your own device:

1. Go to You should see a screen like the image below.


2. Click the purple "Click here to enter your code" button and enter our congregation's Access Code TRWGMF to register.

Once you are registered, you can log in (use the "Log in" button like the one at the bottom of the screenshot below) anytime using your own email address and the password you created at registration.



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