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As a group, the Discernment Team is seeking God's guidance on leading the congregation through discernment. This includes providing information, resources, and/or speakers. If you have questions, please email

Team Members (Groups Represented)

  • Will Beadle (Sonshine Class)

  • Terry Buchanan (Norton-Musslemen Class)

  • Katy Beth Carr (Discussion Class)

  • Lindsey Davis (SPRC Chair)

  • Calvin Durham (Lay Leader)

  • Al Ford (Ferguson Class)

  • Kathy Gamble / Gary Jester (Almon Class)

  • Mak Knowldon (Young Adults/Parents)

  • Ann Lyndon (Choir)

  • Paula Michael (Parlor Class)

  • Steve White (Team Chair & Admin Board Chair)

Spiritual Directors

  • Dale Cohen (Senior Pastor)

  • Lisa Keys-Mathews (Conference Lay Leader)

  • Terry Stubblefield (Associate Pastor)

If you would like to contact the Discernment Team or ask a question, please email

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