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Does it smell good or bad? John 12:1-8

In John chapter 11, Lazarus, the friend of Jesus, is sick. Jesus travels to see him, sees the mourners and was told that Lazarus died 4 days ago. He tells the mourners to open the tomb but Martha tells Jesus that the smell would be terrible. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and there is great rejoicing.

In John 12, Mary anoints the feet of Jesus with expensive perfume. She is showing appreciation for the healing of her brother Lazarus, her love for Jesus and foreshadowing the death of Jesus.

The Kentucky Derby is called the "Run for the Roses." Certainly the roses at the finish line smell better that the stable the horses came from. God can take us from our "smelly" old life and take us to a sweet walk with Him. God can make the old and temporary new and eternal. Watch for God's blessings. ~Terry Stubblefield

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