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"What Are You Afraid Of? The Snaky Places of Life."

My sermon this week is, "What are you afraid of, the snaky places of life." In the face of complaint and lack of faith, God allowed snakes to torment the Hebrews on their journey to the promised land. They asked Moses to ask God to take away the snakes. God did not take away the snakes but instead He sent another snake. God had Moses make a bronze snake, put it on a pole so that if anyone was bitten by a snake, they could look up tot he bronze snake on the pole and be saved.

Our other text for Sunday is from John where Christ on the cross is compared to the snake on the pole. The Son of God was lifted up and placed on a cross that brings death. That same Jesus on the cross is our light and life.

Strange, the snake that bites and kills is also the snake that heals and gives life. The cross of death brought salvation showing that God can overcome hate and evil. But, which one will we give our attention to death or life? We live in tension like that.

To which will we give our attention?

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