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These resources are provided for the FUMC Florence congregation by the FUMC Florence Discernment Team

Rev. Adam Hamilton, Senior Pastor

Church of the Resurrection UMC (Kansas)

Response to Rob Renfroe's Video Series

Video #1: Why UMC? (10:45)

Video #2: Love of Scripture (13:57)

Video #3: Committed to Christ (5:57)

Video #4: Human Sexuality (18:43)

Video #5: A Future with Hope (12:29)

Video #6: Moving Forward with the UMC (21:22)

Additional Videos & Documents

General Links


  • Blogs

    • Adam Hamilton, Senior Pastor, Church of the Resurrection United Methodist Church

    • Chris Ritter, Directing Pastor of Geneseo First United Methodist Church, Global Council Member, Wesleyan Covenant Association

    • Jeremy Smith, Pastor, United Methodist Church



  • Recommended Books

    • Steve Harper

      • Holy Love

      • For the Sake of the Bride

    • Henri Nouwin

      • Discernment: Reading the Signs of Daily Life

    • Andy Stanley

      • Not In It To Win It

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